How Meals We Steal started …

Hi, we’re Megan and Ryan. We live in Oklahoma City.

Back in June of 2015, we were working on our summer bods and stumbled upon the documentary Fed Up on Netflix.  It supported, in alarming detail, what we already knew to be true — So much of the food available to us, especially in middle America, is processed and thus full of added sugars.

From that day forward, we decided we would eat according to three pillars:

  1. Unprocessed (as much as possible)
  2. On sale (we are cheap)
  3. Tasty (food can be fun)

Since we’re not rolling in dough and we don’t want to have doughy rolls, this strategy works for us. We plan out our meals for the week based on what is on sale at our local Sprouts. The recipes we “steal” (link to) avoid processed foods and stay fairly true to the Paleo diet, but basically we just eat real food. Additionally, we’ve built an impressive spice cabinet, which allows us to cook exotic dishes we never would’ve thought possible.

We started with a 10-day no sugar challenge Excel spreadsheet, then moved to a shared GoogleDoc meal planning/grocery list that became Meals We Steal. It’s not a diet. It’s a complete change of mindset.

Most meals will feed two adults for dinner with enough leftovers for lunch the next day.