Week starting July 18, 2016


Leftover Horseradish Crusted London Broil with Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta



Eggs Poached in a Spiced Tomato Sauce (Shakshouka). Used yellow bell pepper instead of red; four tomatoes instead of three. Very filling vegetarian dish.



Greek Lemon Chicken with Paleo Tzatziki Sauce and Simple Cucumber Salad. Used Greek yogurt for tzatziki instead of coconut milk; and an entire cucumber instead of half; blended with immersion blender. Used 2 cucumbers instead of 1 1/2 for salad; added sliced red onion and tomato. Refreshing and light meal.



Ardmore / Cupid University

Sprouts shopping list (weekly ad)

  • Hummus — SNACK
  • Chicken breasts (large package)
  • Green onions (1 bunch)
  • Cilantro (2 bunches)
  • Apples (8) — SNACK
  • Cucumber (1)
  • Tomatoes (4)
  • Serrano pepper (2)
  • Bell pepper (1)
  • Broccoli (bag of florets) — SNACK
  • Dill (one package)
  • Eggs (18)
  • Lemons (3)

Need but have at home

Honey, fresh ginger, sesame seeds, garlic, sesame oil, coconut aminos, salt, onion, cumin, paprika, chili powder, pepper, olive oil, coriander, dried oregano, dried parsley, cucumbers (2), coconut milk

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