Week starting Nov. 30, 2015


Mulligatawny Soup. It was incredible (and makes a lot). Topped with cilantro and a bit of sriracha and only put a portion through the food processor. Lot of weird spices that you can get a small amount of from a spice store (like Savory Spice on Western) versus large bottle from target/walmart.


Chicken chorizo and eggs


Parmesan zucchini pasta with quinoa, kale & fried egg. The mix of textures was quite nice. Super quick/easy.  



Zucchini and mushroom pasta.Used two packages of mushrooms and broccoli florets instead of zucchini. Added in some shredded chicken.


Quick bite before holiday stuff: Tuna, celery and egg pasta salad (will serve on bed of arugula). This was tasty, but not super filling. Ideal for a light meal. Used leftover shredded chicken instead of tuna.

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