Week starting Jan. 4, 2016


Green Chicken Curry with Zucchini. Used 3 zucchini and doubled everything else. Subbed in 1 tbsp soy sauce & 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce in place of 2 tbsp fish sauce. Used 2 tsp dried basil instead of fresh. Served with brown rice. Very good/easy; even better the next day.


Punjabi Style Chicken Soup with Cabbage. I keep a piece of ginger root in my freezer. Good to have on hand. I can get you an ounce of the other spices at the shop on Western. This was unreal tasty. One of my favorites ever.


Warm Salmon, Eggplant, and Tomato Salad. I plan to double recipe to have lunch next day.


Healthy Hamburger Helper. Bumped up recipe. Used 1½ lbs beef, 3 sweet potatoes, 3½ cups mustard greens, 2½ tbsp coconut flour. Hearty and perfect for cold weather.


Chopped kale salad with baked chicken breast tenders. This salad is the one that you have to try.  (Use raisins and slivered almonds b/c cheaper and double the recipe.) Make this salad. I even ate it for breakfast.


Sweet Potato Hash. Go-to. Added sausage this time. Makes it even more of a meal.

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