Week starting Jan. 25, 2016


Leftover Mulligatawny Soup from office potluck



Creamy Pumpkin Chicken Casserole (using chicken tenders/on sale at sprouts; cooking chicken in slow cooker) cooked chicken tenders w/just pepper and a pinch of salt in slow cooker while at work then shredded it. Cozy,tasty and different. Flavor even better the next day.



Caribbean Seafood Stew (using tilapia) Used a little over 2 lbs of tilapia and added in some chicken broth just to stretch it a bit. Great way to eat fish. Ryan loved it.



Thai Beef and Broccoli Soup Used a little over 1 lb of beef and three heads of broccoli instead of two. Chopped up and used the broccoli stalks as well.






Sprouts chorizo and green leaf lettuce wraps



Habanero Chili Used 1.25 lb of ground pork (93/7 cheaper than 93/7 beef). Used 2 habaneros and added a jalapeno. Forgot about the bacon, but topped w/cilantro and queso fresco. Holy hell, this was hot, but so so good. Could use just 1 habanero if you prefer it more mild.

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