Week starting Jan. 18, 2016


Beef Taco Zucchini Spaghetti (using frozen corn instead of fresh) Very good. Used 1 lb meat instead of ½ lb. could probably add another zucchini into the mix. not very spicy. maybe add some cayenne for kick



Salmon Curry (new favorite place: Spices of India on 39th; went in to get fresh curry leaves, which I’ll keep in the freezer, and was blown away by all the great stuff. fun place to explore) Didn’t have Kodampuli. Used 1½ tsp of liquid tamarind paste concentrate from Savory Spice. Used cayenne instead of Kashmiri chili powder (didn’t have it; and the extra spice was yummy). Used 4 tsp of jarred minced ginger instead of 1 inch knob.Ideal way to have salmon versus just a dry fillet with a side of vegetables.






Spicy drumsticks with spinach salad (chopped up one bunch of spinach with cherry tomatoes, radishes, red onion, green olives, roasted some chickpeas to throw on top, cucumber)






Pulled Tandoori Chicken with spinach salad (did it on the stovetop and served on top of brown rice)



Leftover Tandoori Chicken. Made Mulligatawny Soup for office potluck on Monday and chopped kale salad. Topped soup with cilantro. Used 3.4 lbs of chicken thighs instead of just 2 lbs.. Used ½ golden raisins and ½ normal in salad.

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