Week starting Feb. 23, 2016





Low Carb Baked Chicken and Cauliflower Rice (AKA–Using what’s left in the fridge day). Used a bag of cauliflower florets and half bag of broccoli florets. Ran both through food processor to create rice and added in some chopped mushrooms. Could have used a little less broth since I had less than 7 cups of cauliflower rice. Good and fresh taste. Didn’t have parsley on hand. Reheated well for lunch. I really enjoyed the lemony aspect.



Chicken tenders with avocado cilantro dip (only made the sauce last time and served with Caribbean jerk chicken; trying these chicken tenders this time and doubling recipe) Doubled the avocado cilantro dip recipe and threw in a serrano pepper for some kick. Used twice as much chicken but was able to coat all using the original amount of egg and dry mix. Used store bought sriracha.



Paleo Drunken Noodles (deveined/peeled shrimp was on sale for $5.99/lb at sprouts) Plan to double the recipe. Sprouts and Whole Foods both do not carry Thai basil. Found it at Spices of India at Portland & NW 39th (big bunch for $1.21). Can also probably find at Super Cao Nguyen. Holy crap, this dish was delicious! Subbed in brown sugar for coconut sugar but halved the amount. Used serranos instead of Thai bird’s eye chillies. Left the seeds in half of them because I love heat. Remove the seeds if you don’t; it’s hot. Will absolutely make this again, especially when shrimp is on sale.


Friday & Saturday




Sarson ka Saag (Slow Cooker). Great recipe for a Sunday because you have to add another element every hour or every other hour. Served with whole wheat naan. It smells amazing while cooking and is a perfect, much healthier substitute for spinach artichoke dip and chips.

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